Genesis Of the Desire

work's Title:         Genesis Of the Desire
Author:                 Dandy vilmer ruiz estrada
Technique:           Acrilic over cloth canvas

My artistic work represents the meeting of two emotions, those are attracted by the passion of the desire because of their beauty. One of the main factors is the conscience on what we desire was not taken.
The meeting is presented by the circumstances of place, space, and time, imagination of their own thinkings, attracted by what they desired.
This reality exists in all the people around us, and also a truth that builds the genesis  of our mistakes, on not knowing what they desire is, if it's in their own benefit or whom favor what we desire when we get emotioned.
The desire gets us emotioned, as well it make us to lose a minute of experience and knowledge for pleasing and having, we forget the context, whom we get closer and how presents to us. They can be beautiful, strong, teasing, majestic,  or popular, and we don't see their nature, where they come from,  or how they were modelated as individuals, we blind before the peril and the consequences of slicing to another else when we hazard them, a future ending into a sad finish with divorces, threats,  violations to all rights, slavery, feminicide, vices, harasments,  denounces, single mothers, orphan kids,  abandoned, murdered, mistreated, raped, humiliated, exploited by not knowing to choose, they let to be teased  by the desire of having.
Today and many seasons ago, the timeline has been broken, when the courage was importan. It doesn't exist today,  it's mentioned but it's not felt.
The reality is that we bring the Medusa to life in pour thinkins, with all the snakes on our heads. Why?  When we desire something and we have it beside us, we just realize we don't have what we desired.
Simple! We are not concious when choosing the right path of our life, we fall into the need of having but not knowing, for pleasing the pleasure.
Nobody understands that a bad desire  is the anziety to be slave of the suffering, making our GOD  leaves out His throne, when our thinking leads us into the easy path of the hell.
Because we are what we think, and  we act like we have though.
Because all this, it's not bad to desire, but we only don't have to fall into the ppleasure of our thinking.
My message is you learn to satisfy the desire of your heart because is the key where you will delight  yourself on  the good thinks you have desired.
Think about it. el Dandy


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