Nature - Mother And Life

Work's Title:
Nature - Mother And Life

Dandy Vilmer Ruiz Estrada

Acrilic latex with pencil over cardboard.


This painting is focused on the beauty  and facts lived by the world about the Nature's rage. Even the impotence of the man who cannot forecast, control, and change the magnitude of destruction he causes.

Contamination, destruction to environment, and deaths on every living being of the planet by those who test, create, and capture territories for enrichment and domination.
In exchange of what?
If this world has too energy and life, what awaked destroys that you created for years in just few minutes because you didn't respect the life of the others.
But nobody is conscious that because of our Mother Nature you can survive. Why? She gives us beauty in flora and fauna and her buried stories for uncovering the truth of who want to disappear her. As much damage made on her, we can't against her, ending trapped and alone in our own destruction.
They became us into programmed zombies by a system, which we have to do the same everyday, consuming, spending, obbeying, favoring, and enriching to others, not discovering the freedom to think and appreciate the life of our lives.
Even many of us forget we have sinned on one of the Commandments: honor your father and your mother for the days to be long on the land given by God to you.
It was referred to our progenitors, but it also states to honor Your Father, Almighty God, creator of your life like his image and appearance, and your Mother, Nature, what God formed us wit the dust from her for you to live in her, because she offers us food, water, air, space, and beauty for the life to be possible.
If you don't take conscience about the destruction you provocate to your mother, your life will be short and get back to the land, because it was taken from her, because you're dust, you'll get back to dust.
I hope you take conscience someday.


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