The Punishment

Work's Title: The Punishment
Author:         Dandy Vilmer Ruiz Estrada
Technique:    Black pencil with satin acrilic latex over triplay

If the man forecasted the future  of his life, what would he learn?
He would learn the acts have consequences.
I think  you don't understand yet until  you lose your strength and to get your body down, not tilting your face up.
You just realize of your relapse when it's too late, because you have already designing your destiny based upon your own attitude, turning the barking of a rabid dog  into howls of pain, while the death watches you and  your mind turns you into prey  of yoyour own imagination, without an answer,  thinking that everything has no solution, because you believe it is not among your possibilities.
You even feel trapped and locked by  your own emotions
Then, you can't raise out your own punishment because you punish with injustice, because you judge when God is the only judge, because you look at the defaults of others  when yours are bigger,  because you think you are great and superior when you depend on your parents, brothers, friends,  people, state, talent, intelligence, your hands, your feed, and even God; because you offend, mistreat, abuse, insult, blasfeme, humiliate, envy, curse, renege, threaten, accuse, when you don't depend on what you say.  Because you create religions when an only God exists.
And you asked why do they turn back, you feel alone,  they laugh on you,  you don't have friends, and even they tag you as a threat?Because they hate you.
Because when you're ill, your friends and even your kids don't visit you.
Do you know why you are layed on the floor?
Because when you harm, it comes back to you three times stronger than you have done.
And if you don't find answers  to your own questions, remember your past  for you to change in the present, and for you to teach in the future.
Think about it.


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