The Wish Of God.

Work's Title:
The Wish Of God.

Dandy Vílmer Ruíz Estrada

Matte latex on nordex.

41 cm (16 inches) height X 34 cm (13,4 inches) width.


The landscape is inspired upon the author himself, what he's wished,  gotten, and has.
He printed on what he looked for into his reality, but first he had to know himself, like looking at him on a mirror for discovering his defaults, measuring his words  for not being punished by his own mouth, committing sins  not to forget what happened in his past - he faced the man when they tried to destroy him,  he defeated the fear and the shame to know the happiness, he lives his present to discover his future, he learned the rules of Nature, kharma, and Bible  not to judge anyone  without knowing his life,  he thanks God everyday  when he wakes up because many are not lucky to end or waking up everyday. And he will also thank God  everyday because He guides him on the way of His wish among us.
And to learn all these circumstances, I want you to see the picture and put it upside down,  close your eyes  slowly: you'll find another image.
It's his own death in life.
Have you seen it?  If you don't, try again: its an optical illusion of what he has seen before his eyes when he was ignorant about thinkings, acts and words, and he found the tranquility inside the world where he lives. And he doesn't matter the people who speak bad about him but ignorants and mediocres speaking bad about him because that means he's doing things well, because nobody speaks about mediocres.
This painting explains this life is ours and nobody else's. Let's look for our tranquility, let's live our life our way. Don't you let devour  by negative emotionss or social pressure, take apart from the man  who takes off your freedom, learn to see different. It's not bad, it's a treasure despite, as long as it doesn't hurt the rest.
Oh! And tell me here what you got to see  when turning the picture upside down, squintting your eyes.


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